Why Us?

Undertaking orthodontic treatment is a big decision - therefore you want to choose the right provider for your needs. What sets us apart from other orthodontic practices?

Strive for quality

Quality is more important than ever. We don't miss steps, or take short cuts. We believe the high quality of our work is in the finer details, and we ensure every detail is individualised. Greater precision takes a little longer - but creates a great smile that will last a life time. We believe there is no substitute for quality.

Passionate about smiles

Being passionate is a trait, and it cannot be taught in any school. We exhibit a passion for Orthodontics, and we show it in our work. We are motivated by the results we achieve - our biggest motivation is making a positive difference in people’s lives. When our patients wear a smile, we wear a smile too.

Care for our patients

We find out what you don't like and together we work out the best solutions. Your opinion is important to us - we believe Orthodontics is a team effort between us and our patients, therefore your thoughts are vital to a successful case. We want you to feel comfortable in the practice, free to talk to any of our staff, and feel positive after each appointment.