Orthodontics is about more than braces and clear aligners.

We create a range of fixed and removable, metal and plastic appliances in our in-house laboratory for use at different points in orthodontic treatment. 

Appliances help achieve particular results, for example expanding the arches, gaining space or modifying skeletal growth.

If concerns are mild, an appliance may be the only treatment required.

photo of transpalatal orthodontic appliance

During the mixed dentition (a mixture of baby and permanent teeth), sometimes it is preferable to have a ‘first phase’ of treatment, for children and young teenagers. This is normally to expand the arches, gain space, modify skeletal growth, correct cross bites and open deep bites. 

Most patients will also require some form of appliance during their orthodontic treatment. This may be a clear silicone plate to wear to bed to prevent you grinding your teeth against the brackets, or headgear to with elastic wear.

Photo of lip bumper and upper expansion with plastic over the upper premolar and molar biting surfaces.

Lip Bumper

Lip bumpers make more room in the lower arch. They hold the muscles of the lips and cheeks off the teeth and the teeth drift outwards. The ultra gentle movement allows bone to move with the teeth. Space gain means fewer tooth extractions.

photo of transpalatal orthodontic appliance

Transpalatal Arch

Transpalatal arch appliances can gain width and holds width gains from previous expansion plates. Improves function and may reduce damage to teeth from grinding. Helps the molars bite together better.

photo of extraoral traction and braces. Orthodontic appliance known as headgear or 'whiskers'.

Extraoral Traction

Also known as Headgear, or ‘whiskers’, is a strap is placed around the back of the head and attached to a metal face bow in the front. Headgear is a growth modification strategy used to hold the upper jaw from growing forward whilst allowing the lower jaw to move forward, and is often used to help correct prominent upper teeth and reduce tooth extractions.

photo of Removable Appliance. Widens the upper and opens deep bites, makes more space and broadens the smile.

Removable Appliance

Removable expansion appliances can help open a very deep bite and widen the upper arch. Both these can help gain space which also reduces expansion.

photo of Upper expansion plate. Widens the upper, makes more space and broadens the smile.

Maxillary Expansion - Metal

Rapid expansion appliances are the most common appliance used by orthodontists to gain space in the upper arch. Widening the upper arch allows reduced extractions and increased dental display in the smile.

Upper expansion plate with plastic covering the molars and premolars. Widens the upper, makes more space and broadens the smile.

Maxillary Expansion - Acrylic

Acrylic appliances are often used for open bite correction. They use the same expansion technique as the metal expansion appliances, just with the added benefit of bite closing.

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