Clear aligners are a popular option for those seeking a discreet, less visible and more convenient re-alignment treatment.  

Clear aligners are often referred to as ‘clear braces’, or by one of the more well known brand names, Invisalign® and can be used for most orthodontic cases including closing extraction spaces, opening bites and rotating teeth.

In contrast to braces, clear aligners are removable and virtually invisible.

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How do clear aligners work?

Patients using the clear aligner system require significant self-discipline and commitment to self-application in order to produce the desired final outcome.

During a consultation with one of our Creating Great Smiles orthodontists, your bite is examined and a precise digital scan or impression is made of your teeth. From this first digital scan and examination, a 3D illustration of the optimal outcome (final alignment) of your teeth is rendered for your approval. Once the preferred outcome is approved, a customised treatment plan is developed for you using the 3D technology and the recommended clear aligner provider produces the complete set of aligner trays for your treatment schedule.

The aligners are made  from BPA-free plastic, with each tray discreetly moving your malaligned teeth in very small increments over a defined schedule that is determined  by the severity of misalignment and desired outcome.

Age, case suitability and patient compliance are important factors in a successful outcome when using clear aligners.

How often do the aligners need to be changed? 

Clear aligner trays are usually swapped out every 1 to 3 weeks, and each tray must be worn between 20-22hrs per day to be effective. The movement increments per tray are approximately 0.25mm, hence numerous trays are required to achieve the desired result. Your overall re-alignment schedule could be anywhere between 3 – 24months.

What happens after treatment is complete? Is there a retainer?

Yes, there is a retainer. At the completion of your alignment schedule a mould is made of your teeth and you are provided with a custom clear retainer. To maintain the alignment of your teeth this clear retainer must be worn every night and is generally replaced annually.

We encourage you to book an initial consultation with one of our specialist orthodontists so we may examine your teeth and discuss the best options for creating your great smile.

What are the benefits of clear aligners?

Invisible – aligners are virtually invisible so you can smile with confidence.

Eating – enjoy your favourite foods without the worry of staining or breakages.

Comfortable – aligners are comfortable and less bulky than traditional braces.

Oral health – you can brush and floss your teeth as usual; it is easy to maintain good oral health.

Hygeine – you can remove your aligners and clean them thoroughly every day.

Removable – you can easily remove them for special events such as weddings and photos.

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