Once braces or Invisalign treatment is complete and the teeth are straight, we want to keep it that way! The post active treatment period is called Retention.

Retention has historically been a difficult orthodontic problem - what is the best way to keep teeth straight after orthodontic treatment?

We use fixed retention – a small metal bar, contoured to sit flush against the back of the teeth, and bonded using composite (filling material).

Many orthodontists still use removable retention (removable plates, clear plastic or acrylic and wire) to hold tooth alignment with the patients to wear them consistently. Compliance with removable plates can be an unknown factor of retention in many patients.

We use removable retainers as well as fixed retainers, especially where there have been missing teeth or if extractions were required. The wear of removable retainers is often reduced after a year.

Assurance of different types of retention

Fixed retention - in place 24/7, maintainedwith good oral hygiene, will hold the teeth in the correct position.
Removable retention - usually worn 8 - 10 hours a day relies solely on patient compliance to be effective.

Upper fixed retention


Upper removable retention


Lower fixed retention