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Meet the Team

We want you to have a great orthodontic experience, and we know that doesn't just come with quality treatment. Our staff are selected because they are nice people, with warm and friendly natures. Bringing together a multitude of skills and years of experience as a team, we will ensure you are looked after all the way to a beautiful smile.

Our staff are trained comprehensively in sterilisation, orthodontic and dental nursing. Some of our nurses have specialist training in implantology, periodontics, and oral surgery. Our nurses undergo continual training and certification through courses and lectures. Our staff are encouraged to undertake training based on their particular interests within the practice.

We are very lucky that our team are friends both inside and outside of work - we have shared many wonderful birthdays, engagements, weddings, and baby showers together. We choose to spend time together outside of the practice, which builds a strong team dynamic which is mirrored in our work.

Bek is the senior orthodontic assistant at Creating great Smiles, Bathurst. She leads the team of orthodontic assistants.


Team Member Since: 2011


Abbey H

Team Member Since: 2017


Madi is an orthodontic assistant for Mark Cordato, Orthodontist, at Creating Great Smiles. Abbey facilitates efficient treatment be it braces, Invisalign or appliances.

Abbey F

Team Member Since: 2017

Jen is a senior receptionistfor Mark Cordato, Orthodontist, at Creating Great Smiles.


Team Member Since: 2007

Lyndall is an orthodontic assistant for Mark Cordato, Orthodontist, at Creating Great Smiles Bathurst. Lyndall can also work in reception. She helps me to treat you efficiently.


Team Member Since: 2005

Madi is an orthodontic nurse at Creating Great Smiles.


Team Member Since: 2020