Straight Teeth

Whilst the importance and power of a great smile should never be underestimated, there is so much more to orthodontics than just looking good. Did you know straight teeth can help with the following issues?

Straighter teeth perform chewing, biting and speaking functions more effectively than crooked teeth. In addition, a straight smile boosts confidence, is aesthetically pleasing to look at, and can help prevent a wide variety of dental ailments.


Orthodontics gives you the smile you have always wanted. Being able to smile, talk and laugh with confidence truly adds to your quality of life. Straight teeth are commonly associated with beauty, and when you have a beautiful smile to show off, it becomes infectious to those around you!


Many orthodontic cases help to improve not only aesthetics, but functionality. We use our mouth thousands of times a day, to eat and talk - being able to bite, chew and open correctly are important assets not only to your day to day life, but your long term health and happiness.


Your oral health and hygiene can improve greatly with the help of orthodontics. Having straight teeth allows for easier brushing and flossing, and corrects all the traps where food and bacteria like to hide. This will decrease the chances of long term tooth wear and gum damage.


Not only will orthodontics improve the function of your teeth, it can improve the function of your nasal passages, which hugely impacts on many areas of your life. Improving your airways will result in better sleep functions, so you can wake up each morning ready to take on the day!


When teeth are straight - the gum and bone which hold the teeth in place become much stabler. There is also a reduced risk of bone loss and gingival recession over time, meaning your teeth have a longer life expectancy if straight!


Some people have difficulty speaking properly because of alignment problems with their teeth and jaws. Orthodontics will arrange your teeth in a way your speech can be improved, and can cease lisps and other speech impediments.

Crowding, cross bites, and blocked out teeth
Edge to edge bite, cross bites and crowding
Under erupted canines and crowding
Diastema, deep bite and asymmetry
Asymmetrical midlines, uneven bite and under erupted canine
Deep bite, cross bites, and crowding