Compare our smiles to those of other orthodontists. We think ours are better and different.

I love transforming smiles to better smiles. There are differences in how orthodontists treat and their results. I have been very fortunate to meet patients from Mudgee and together we have improved smiles and bites. I love to use my knowledge and experience to get you better smiles for your selfies, your family photos and those special photos such as weddings.

Take the time to find out the results, have a look and compare for yourself and if you like the changes, please come and see me. I may use more appliances to make space and reduce taking teeth out, I may take a little longer to get the teeth really straight and I probably use less Invisalign as braces are often more accurate in moving the teeth into the best positions in the smile.

Its a trip to Lithgow or Bathurst but the smile will be worth it.