Healthy Teeth

With care and skill, orthodontics position teeth to an ideal occlusion that helps avoid decay and plaque build up.  We want the teeth to have the best support possible, this starts with healthy bone and gums.

Things we do to maintain healthy teeth & bone

Aligned Teeth

Crowded teeth can make them very difficult to clean. These areas are more prone to decay than straight teeth.

Good Contacts

Good contacts between the teeth help avoid food traps. Food traps irritate the gums which in turn can damage the bone. We aim for good contacts between the teeth to reduce tooth decay and improved gum health.

Root Angles

At least 60% of a tooth is the root. The position and angle of the root can change the appearance of the tooth. We take time to make good root parallelling a part of our treatment protocol.

Can you believe this is the same set of teeth?