Cleaning & Polishing

Orthodontic brackets are held on with resin adhesive. Similar resins are used for Invisalign attachments. Orthodontic bands are cemented, usually with high fluoride cements.

It is known that resin removal can scratch the surface, or enamel, of the teeth. These scratches will remain on the tooth surface. They are visible on well focused facial photographs.

We use strategies to minimise contact with tooth enamel


6 times vision magnification glasses to fine details are visible, ensuring all adhesive is removed, especially from the grooves in the teeth


An air polisher is used to remove any debris which could be mistaken for adhesive


Hot water rinsing prior to bracket removal to soften the adhesive makes removing the brackets easier and leaves less adhesive on the teeth


Polishing discs are the final step to remove excess adhesive, bringing the tooth surface back to its ideal state


The use of air to dry the teeth during the removal process, making the adhesive more visible, and ensuring focus on areas only where adhesive is


Gentle techniques take longer but help to preserve tooth enamel

Cleaning teeth for Creating Great Smiles, orthodontics, Bathurst.